We build API First Video CMS customized to your needs

We are kind of SaaS, but every customer can get a customized version of our platform.

We build this platform
for you & with

We are currently in private beta for our next major version. If you have a challenge related to video management, please contact use at hello@medialib.tv.

Manage video + metadata in a single place

Upload your high quality video, we handle the transcoding and cold storage, so you can focus on producing awesome content (transcript, abstract..). You need additional metadata ? Just ask and your are covered.

Publish to multiple channels

Define publishing strategy and keep Youtube, Vimeo or any other external platform in sync with your recent upload.

Integrate with your own applications

We offer a powerful GraphQL API to access your data from anywhere.

Privacy by Design

To comply with the european regulation, we push best practices to respect user privacy, because respecting your visitor is respecting your future client.